Establish Credit Identity

Accredix Inc will establish your company's credit identity with multiple reporting agencies. This allows for more and more credit to be achieved as your enterprise grows. Accredix Inc positions your business for leases and other items that you need. Our process reduces or eliminates the need for you, the business owner, to leverage your personal credit to run your business.

Our corporate credit program is customized so that business accounts can be established without personal guarantees, whereby you can obtain vehicle leases, credit lines and/or loans under your corporate identity.

Guaranteed Credit For Your Business

Our credit program comes with a Money Back Guarantee that if you follow our instructions to the letter, your business will get stellar business credit, or your money back. Our clients can typically get $50,000 - $500,000 in  cash or lines of credit for their business. The job of Accredix Inc is to help you build a credit score and profile that is lender worthy. We are not a bank and, therefore cannot guarantee you any specific amount of money. Call today and ask about our guaranteed business credit program. Again, since we are not the lenders we do not guarantee the amounts the lenders will loan you, so the figures here are for example purposes only.

                                            Accredix Corporate Credit Programs

Choose from 3 levels of service, depending on your needs. Start out with our corporate credit profile program where you will be provided all of the tools and assistance with creating a credit profile for your business. For new businesses, we offer the same program with rapid filing of a corporation in your state of choice. If you’re busy and would like all of this handled for you, we extend a complete credit service where our agents will prepare all of your applications and forms and you simply sign and mail them in, then our credit consultants will work with your business and our database of 1,000’s of companies who are willing to grant you credit. Our list is comprised of businesses who understand our credit program and want to grant credit to our customers since they already know that you are investing in professional credit assistance for your business. As the leader in small business credit and business credit programs, Companies Incorporated can open this up to you, our valued customer. Call and speak to a professional corporate credit representative today. paragraph here.

Accredix Inc will help you if you’ve been denied a small-business loan or if you have bad personal or business credit. Forty-five percent of small-business borrowers who get a “no” from creditors are turned down because of their credit scores, according to the Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Atlanta, Cleveland and Philadelphia. Borrowers with bad credit might also have higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums and less favorable payment terms with suppliers.

The goal of the Accredix Inc Corporate Credit Program is to naturally develop a credit profile using the corporate Tax ID number rather than the owner’s social security number. Accredix Inc separates the client’s personal credit from their business credit. Developing a credit image for your business conserves cash and building a corporate credit profile can keep your company out of “no credit / high risk” and “high interest” categories, saving you money.

A strong business credit profile doesn’t just help you secure a loan; it’s also important for attracting new business. Unlike with personal credit reports, anyone — including potential customers, partners and suppliers — can look at your business credit report. Those parties look at your report as an employer would an individual’s resume, says Amber Colley, director of sales and partnerships at Dun & Bradstreet. “It’s not just about finances,” Colley says. “It’s about your credibility.” Accredix Inc provides your company with CREDIBILITY.